Exclusive alarm ring-tones

Let one of our unique alarm melodies wake you up.

Alarm auto-adjusts to the time-zone you're in

Don't be afraid to oversleep when you travel in different time-zones. This Alarm will always wake you up on time.

Awesome Skins

Customize your screen with magnificent looking skins.

Currency exchange rates

Up-to-date 3 currencies exchange rate

Weather updates

See reports from 3 different weather read-outs on your current location.

Advanced setting parameters

You can manage many different stats, set temperature in F or C, set day time in 12 or 24 hours and many more.

Travel Alarm Clock isn't simply one of the most effective and well designed alarm clock apps available on the Apple App Store, it's the first iOS alarm clock solution built specifically around the needs of travelers.

Confusion about local time, resetting watch and phone, and getting the wake-up alarm right are things of the past with Travel Alarm Clock. Users will never have to worry about adjusting their devices after time zone crossings!

Alarms adapt to time zones, avoiding any chance of waking up late. Local currency and weather information further ease the life of the frequent traveler, while the wide selection of app skins ensures visual variety.

You have enough on your plate. Get Travel Alarm Clock and let it make sure you wake up on time and have the right info to plan for the day ahead so you donít have to!